Professor Jackson has clinics for private patients on a Wednesday at the London Clinic, Harley Street, and on alternate Tuesday evenings at the Guthrie Clinic, King’s College Hospital.

You can book an appointment by calling the clinic of your choice, or if you wish to discuss your appointment, please call our office on 020 7060 1968.

The London Clinic
119 Harley Street

020 7616 7693
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How to get to The London Clinic (PDF)

The Guthrie Clinic
King’s College Hospital
Denmark Hill

020 7060 1968
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How to get to King’s (PDF)

Patient enquiries

Call: 020 7060 1968

Call: 020 3299 4548

Call: 020 3299 1297

GP Referral Fax
Fax: 020 7084 0328

Your first appointment

Professor Jackson offers you a highly personalised consultation where you can discuss your symptoms and concerns, undergo a thorough eye examination, and consider the options available. Most investigations, and many outpatient treatments, can be completed on the same day.

For many eye conditions, Professor Jackson will need to dilate your pupils with eye drops to fully examine your eyes. This will cause blurred vision for a few hours afterwards – so do not plan to drive and you may wish to bring sunglasses for comfort.

The team

As well as Professor Jackson, you will be looked after by our wonderful team of clinic and theatre nurses, Lisa our Practice Manager, and Dr Nicholas Parry, our main anaesthetist.

Professor Tim Jackson

Professor Tim Jackson
Consultant Ophthalmic and Retinal Surgeon

Dr Nicolas Parry

Dr Nicholas Parry
Main Anaesthetist

Lisa Orpwood
Practice Manager

Further information about eye conditions and treatments that Professor Jackson offers can be found on our patient information pages


Professor Jackson is recognised by all major private health insurers. However, this does not guarantee that your insurer will cover all of Professor Jackson’s fees and you will be responsible for any shortfall.

Please note that the Clinic will make a separate charge for any investigations or treatments undertaken – details of these fees are available on request.